Omni-Table by New Millennium Gaming

New Millennium Gaming (NMG) may not be found among the largest companies in the industry. All the same, it has certainly earned its spot on Casino Journal’s Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products for 2014 with its Omni-Table.

This electronic table is the first of its kind to hit the gaming market and is a classic example of old meets new. Basically, the table is a sophisticated video screen but it doesn’t look or feel like one. NMG has managed to maintain the velvety feel of conventional tables thus ensuring that gamers are comfortable as they play.

Aside from aesthetics, the convenience of the Omni-Table is also a major selling point. With just the touch of a button, it can be altered to suit any table game irrespective of the clients’ preferences.

Better still; the table has ample advertising space for anyone who wants to catch the attention of casino patrons. Whether the ads are static or live-streamed, the Omni-Table can handle them.

Production of the tables is in the development process stage; however it will be interesting to see how the industry takes to them. Perhaps in the near future NMG’s tagline ‘tables have turned’ will be a reality.