NICE Suspect Search by NICE Systems

The 2014 Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products Awards by Casino Journal did not disappoint due to the degree of creativity that they showcased. One of their most impressive winners was NICE System and its Suspect Search.

The multi-award winning Suspect Search is a video analytics software that helps organizations to sift through hours of video footage and find whoever/whatever they are looking for in the shortest possible time. Before analysis can be done the software requires an image of the person being looked for. It doesn’t have to be a photo; a composite or an image from the surveillance footage will do just fine.

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Using the provided images, Suspect Search filters out all the irrelevant footage leaving a map of where the person was and where they are likely to be. Footage that would have needed hundreds of man hours to go through can now be analysed in minutes. It is therefore not surprising that NICE Systems won the 2015 Airport, Seaport and Border Security Award from Government Security News in the United States.

NICE Systems was acquired by Battery Ventures in September, 2015 and the new company is known as Qognify.