Apex V Topper by Multimedia Games/GCA

When Casino Journal announced the winners of its Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products Awards many were surprised to find Multimedia Games on the list. The company that specializes in slot machines was almost out of business in the late 2000s.

The situation was so bad that its CEO Anthony Sanfilippo jumped ship and joined the competition. However under a new leader, Patrick Ramsey, the company was able to recover. Whereas it had previously being providing gaming equipment to lower end casinos it was able to acquire licenses to venture into larger establishments.

With its new vigor, Multimedia found a new investor: Global Cash Access (GCA) and together they became Everi Holdings Inc. This partnership has proven to be quite beneficial and in 2014 they released the Apex V Topper, a dual screen display with a panoramic view. The topper can run synchronized images across a bank of cabinets making it a great attention grabber.

And speaking of doubles Multimedia Games appeared twice on the Top 20 list; Twist & Win (a feature on one of its games) took the other award. Clearly we can expect more goodies from Multimedia Games and GCA.