Tech Trends of the Future: Facial Recognition

Every industry tries to make the most of the new technologies that are constantly being developed, and the casino industry is no exception. Immensely rewarding but at the same time costly to maintain, casinos, whether they are land-based or online, have come to rely more and more on technology to provide an unforgettable gaming experience while optimizing their operations and improving security. One of the most exciting tech trends in the casino industry is facial recognition, which casinos big and small can utilize to identify threats and more.

The Eye in the Sky

Facial recognition has been around for some time now, and major land-based casinos across the world have already integrated it as Eye in the Sky cameras into their security and surveillance efforts. Eye in the Sky cameras can snap pictures of gamers, which can then be checked against a database of well-known cheaters and other suspects, assisting casino security staff to identify threats and deal with them before they can escalate into costly problems.

Part of the appeal of Eye in the Sky cameras is that they work surreptitiously in the background, being often installed in nooks and corners where they are not easily spotted by gamers, thus helping to catch cheaters off-guard.

Biometric Face Recognition

The potential that facial recognition technology has, however, goes well beyond the Eye in the Sky cameras. A new development, called Biometric Face Recognition, comes with a more effective facial detection method as well as with higher levels of accuracy, speeding up the detection process. Biometric Face Recognition can be basic or intelligent.

Basic biometric systems are placed at the entrance to the casino and in other hot spots, being usually mounted on the ceiling. They automatically detect human faces and photograph every customer that enters the casino. Unlike the basic facial recognition process used in many casinos today, the face capture process is automatic, so that security staff don’t have to man biometric cameras 24/7.

Intelligent biometric systems go a step further and automatically analyze and compare the faces they capture against an existing database of suspicious or undesirable customers. When a match is found, a notification is sent to the central surveillance computer, enabling security staff to act right away. The key advantage of advanced intelligent biometric systems is that they work in the background, requiring monitoring but not manning.

Biometric facial recognition is already available for web-based casinos. As it is continuously improving, it cannot be too long before a viable and cost-effective system is developed that harnesses the processing power of a computer to automatically scan and match database photographs, sparing the security staff the onerous task of manually comparing photos.

Facial Recognition Improves Customer Tracking

Facial recognition can do more for casinos than identifying cheaters and other unwelcome guests. It can be used for a completely different purpose, to quickly identify high spenders and other desirable guests so that the casino staff can offer them special treatment. Also, as facial recognition continues to develop and become more affordable, it can be used to generate a wealth of marketing data including presence logs, activity hours, and carry out non-invasive, on-premise customer-tracking.

Facial recognition, and biometric systems in particular, are set to become new standards on casino floors, upgrading the surveillance cameras gamers are so familiar with.