iovation Trust Services by iovation

Many of us do not like the idea of constantly having to authenticate our identities every time we want to game. It is especially annoying when you have nothing to hide and has resulted in casinos losing innumerable paying customers.

It is with these facts in mind that iovation deviated slightly from their cyber security portfolio to create their Trust Service. The software enables online gaming operators to know which clients to trust without becoming a nuisance.
Trust does this by analyzing data about the device that is being used to game.

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For instance, it will find out how long the device has been in use, whether it has been associated with any frauds and what other devices or accounts are linked to it. All this data is presented to the operator as a score that ranges from ‘high risk’ to ‘high trust’. The scores are available from the moment a client opens an account.

Armed with this information, online casinos are able to stay away from potential trouble makers. What’s more, when they run promotions they can focus their attention on their trusted clients and not waste good money on those who might eventually rob them.